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Hans realizes he doesn't need Anna anymore.

Anonymous said: for the age meme, 14?

Oh, you’d have caught me at my peak weaboo age. Yikes.

I’d be blogging predominantly anime. My main fandoms were DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Groove Adventure Rave, Rurouni Kenshin, and Saiyuki. I also played a lot of Final Fantasy and probably won’t shut up about that either. Which were cool fandoms to be in and I still love them to bits, but I was also embarrassingly noisy about it.

I would be talking non-stop about Japan and my love for Japan and everything Japanese and how my only wish is to visit the country and absorb the language and culture. I was embarrassing and very weaboo-ish. Please forgive me if you’d met me then.

But I ended up studying Japanese and visiting the place for real, which did a very good job of scaling back my weaboodom, so I highly recommend today’s weaboos to make the leap and actually study the damn thing. 

RL-wise, it was also a turbulent time for me as I migrated to England then. Far from living the weaboo dream of moving to Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter Land (I was fourteen, I wasn’t very bright or world-savvy), it was actually really painful and I ended up being quite depressed for a while. I think I’d be blogging a lot of nonsensical posts about my amateur observations of England and English life, and my disappointment would probably show through how little of my expectations were being met.

This was before I met ladyknightofhollyrose when everything changed for the better AND USHERED IN A NEW ERA OF WEABOODOM WITH DEATH NOTE AND NARUTO.

send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old


It will no doubt be mortifying, but do it!


I wanted to do a gal version of my America and Japan cosplaying. I put them in Sailor Moon because It was the first fandom ( that I recognized) on my dash this morning. 


Merharu + #8

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