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Mikasa Fucking Ackerman

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Studio Ghibli + first meetings

"Once youve met someone you never really forget them.”

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Seijuro Mikoshiba + red

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Still one of my favorite runway shows.
Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2005 

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(R E W I N D)

For all of us who grew up on disney movies, who watched our vhs tape all the way through just to rewind it and watch it again, a celebration of the greatest end credit songs in our favorite movies.

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 30 days // 16. a character from a game

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“It’s all so familiar, yet I know I’ve never been here before. I feel so at home.”
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ladyknightofhollyrose replied to your post: I’m sorry, I just reblogged this post …

…This is a very good point! 0.0

Hmm sorry, but I’m also going to take this moment for story time.

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Rin! Where are you?